Friday April 24, 2020

Read Proverbs 24
My Focus: 30-34

Proverbs 24 offers us warnings and gives instructions for life and living.

In the last four verses of this chapter, Solomon takes a walk. He noticed a field. He thought about the field’s condition and the owner’s laziness. The field told a story to Solomon about the owner.

At a point in time, the field was essential to the owner. The owner had expectations for the area. The ground was prepared and protected. The field had potential, but now had problems.

The owner stopped working. He stopped caring. He stopped seeing things as he once saw them. The owner just stopped.
The condition of the field revealed the owner’s mind and heart. His mind was elsewhere. His heart changed. His life stopped producing fruit. This slumber brought ruin to his life.

It is easy to let the “fields of our life” suffer as our attention is drawn elsewhere during this pandemic. Look at the field of your heart. Have any weeds grown? Are the stone walls all in place? Is the soil prepared in the field of your life for God to use?

When we clock out on God, it brings our own poverty.

Guest Devotional
Bro John O’Malley

Have a God Conscious Day!