Friday July 17, 2020

Read Proverbs 17
Focus: Verse 3
This verse is about trials. We read, “the LORD trieth the hearts”. The word “trieth” means to test, to examine, to prove.

Notice the references to the fining pot and furnace in this verse. When metals are to be refined, the metal is placed within the fining pot and then placed in the furnace. The extreme heat melts the silver or gold so that the impurities can be removed.

Consider the following thoughts:
1) The Place of Our Trials

We read that “the fining pot is FOR silver, and the furnace FOR gold”. The fining pot and the furnace are the place FOR the precious metals to be examined for impurities.

With each of us, there are specific places FOR our trials: a place where the “heat” or trial that we face seems more than we can bear. – This place was designed for us. We may not want to be in the fining pot or in the furnace but everyone of us must endure This Place of Our Trials.
2) The Person of Our Trails

Notice “the Lord trieth the hearts”. – Here is a comforting thought. When we are in the place of trial, the LORD is the One who has designated this place.

He is not careless. He makes no mistake.

He is in complete control and He knows exactly how much “heat” is needed to accomplish His purpose in our lives.

In our trials, we can always take comfort in the fact that the LORD trieth the hearts. Let us rest in Him!

Have A God Conscious Day!

Bro Aaron Abreu