Friday May 15, 2020

Read Proverbs 15
(Devotion by Bro John O’Malley)

Marshmallows. Pillows. Cotton. Rose petals. A baby’s hand. A child’s whisper.

These are life’s soft things. They are light, pleasant, and bring smiles.

Thorns. Wounds. Scars. Pain. Grief. Disappointment. Death. These are life’s hard things.

Hard things can be words we speak. Hard things can take a lifetime to release. For some, life’s last breath does not give release.

Proverbs 15 begins with a contrast. Solomon speaks of the benefit of soft answers vs. the power of grievous words.

Don’t you wish soft answers came with the same ease as grievous words do? Speaking soft answers is a choice. Speaking grievous words is a choice. Which choice do we regularly make?

Grievous words spoken in the home create wounds on our  family.

Grievous words spoken at work create tensions and rob us of opportunities to present the Gospel.

Grievous words at church hurt more as church is to be a spiritual safe-space for people.

Let’s check our records. We may have recently spoken grievous words and stirred up anger at home, church, or work.    – If so, pick up the phone, revisit the internet, or go in person and may we fix our sin.

Have A God Conscious Day!