Friday May 29, 2020

Read Proverbs 29

Review: (Verse 1)

Today’s thought revolves around that of stubbornness. Obviously the issue in this verse is problematic and precarious.

– There is a time to be resolved, determined, and unmoving. But there is also a time when it is foolish, futile, and maybe even fatal.

1) Notice the Rejection of Reproof –

“He, that being often reproved ….. hardeneth his neck“

It speaks of one so hardened or defiant that they refuse to repent or change course after being given repeated opportunities to do so.

They stubbornly resist being reproved.     

2) Notice the Results of that Rejection –

“shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy”

The consequences of stubbornly rejecting Gods  repeated attempts to correct an area of our life can be sudden & severe.

“without remedy” means that a line of mercy has been crossed where now inevitable consequences will occur.

It is never profitable for us to be relentlessly hard headed or stiff-necked in resisting Gods attempts to work in our life. It is irrational to be intractable.

Be resolved to be submissive today to the one who has the right and the expectation of being the LORD of our life! (Selah)

Have a God Conscious Day!

Bro Gene