Friday May 8, 2020

Read Proverbs 8

Our devotional thought is from Bro. Eddie Davis

“Lady Wisdom”
I have entitled Wisdom as a lady because in these chapters Wisdom is in contrast with the “wicked woman“, who is a type of the ways of the world and Wisdom is a picture of the ways of God. Both are calling to the human race to follow them.

A. Wisdom’s Call(1-9)
1-Wisdom’s call is from the “high places”v2, where the wicked woman’s is from the “low places” 7:9

2-Wisdom’s call is from the “entrance” v3, where the wicked woman’s is from the “back streets” 7:8

3-Wisdom’s call is to “build up” v6, where the wicked woman’s is to “tear down” 7:22

B. Wisdom’s Counsel (10-21)
1-it’s better than riches 10-11;18-19
2-it’s blessings that’s reserved 21

C. Wisdom’s Companion (22-36)
1-Companion of Sovereignty 22-29
2-Companion of the Saviour 30-31
3-Companion of the Sons of God 32-36

Follow the path of Wisdom, Her road ends well.

Have a God Conscious Day!