Saturday July 4, 2020

Read Proverbs 4
The focus today is found in verses 26 and 27.
Consider these thoughts:
1) We are to Ponder Our Path – “Ponder the path of thy feet.”

To ponder is to weigh in the mind, to consider the circumstances and consequences of the direction you are taking and the decisions that you are making.

The decisions we make and directions we take in life have real consequences; not only for us but for others around us as well.

So we should ponder the course of life that we take.
2) We are to be Persistent in Purpose –
“let all thy ways be established.”

The word established means to be firm, stable, or fixed.

This phrase contains the instruction to not be haphazard or accidental in the direction we are going.

Instead we are to be stable and fixed.

In other words our feet are to follow a path of purpose ON PURPOSE !

We are not to obey God and His Word just when it feels good or is convenient, but rather, we are to obey God on purpose every time.

Persistence in Purpose is seen in verse 27.

We are told not to deviate to the right hand or to the left but persistently and purposefully remove our feet from an evil path.

That said, let us determine to be different.

Let us persistently obey God on purpose and in all areas.

Devotional given by Bro Aaron Abreu.

Have a God Conscious Day!