Saturday June 6, 2020

Read Proverbs 6

Bro Aaron Abreu has a thought from verse 23. Notice:

1) The Rewards of Illumination “the commandment is a lamp; and the law is light”. The commandment and law here refers to the Word of God and is likened to a lamp that illuminates our path. One only needs to stumble around in the dark with no light to understand that there are rewards or benefits to having a lamp.
Notice also,

2) The Reproofs of Instruction “reproofs of instruction are the way of life”. These words speak of Hurt that is Received. When we are reproved, we are confronted with the error of our ways. Reproof is not pleasant or enjoyable it is painful, especially to our pride. These words also speak of Humility that is Required. -Note that “reproofs” is plural. It is multiple reproofs of instruction that are the way of life. – It takes humility to take not just one, but many reproofs. It is faithful wounds of a friend with the courage to reprove us that will give us instruction in the way of life.

Let us determine to have the humility to receive reproofs of instruction so that we will stay in the way of life.

Have A Blessed and God Conscious Day!