Thursday March 19, 2020

Read Proverbs 19

Ponder Verse

1) The Relevance of Discretion

Defined: It is the ability to decide what is right, according to Gods judgement.

It is the presence of mind or the discernment to make rational and righteous decisions in regard to how we express our emotions in times of stress or strain.

2) The Reactions of Discretion
“The discretion of a man, deferreth his anger”

This speaks of delaying the expressing of ones anger.

It’s the mature reaction that leads one not to overreact to an offense.

Additionally: a person with discretion is enabled “to pass over a transgression” or to let go of a Grievance.

And take note: God considers it to be a commendable honor (or to ones glory) to move past another persons mistake or mistreatment.

May the Lord develop us into the type of people whose lives are evidenced by the virtue of Discretion!

Have a God Conscious Day!

Bro Gene