Tuesday April 21, 2020

Read Proverbs 21
Review Verse 5
It is so true that a person’s thought life is vitally important! The word “thoughts” here refers to how one calculates or evaluates an issue at hand.

We see:
1)The Profit From Cautious Thought: “The thoughts of the diligent … tend only to plenteousness”

2)The Poverty From Careless Thought – “but of every one that is hasty … only to want”

Application: A person who carefully plans his work and works his plan contrasts with that of a careless one who makes hasty decisions and acts without thinking them through!

Pondered thoughts can lead to revelation and profit!

Pressured thoughts can lead to regret and poverty!

Reflect upon how 2nd Corinthians 10:5 applies to your situation today?

Have A God Conscious Day!
Bro Gene