Tuesday April 7, 2020

Read Proverbs 7
My Focus: Vs 1-2

1)Live The Commandments
“keep … Keep … and live”
Here we see a Source of Life!
Following Gods revealed truth (His Word) leads to fulfillment in this life and a forever one in the next life.

2)Love The Commandments –
“Keep my law as the apple of thine eye”
Here we see the Source of Love!
The term “apple of thine eye” expresses a superior affection for something.
When we truly love God and His Word it monitors everything else, including our pursuits, our ponderings, and our passions.
Had the victims in this chapter loved Gods word supremely, they would have never succumbed to an illicit love and its inescapable consequences.

Have a God Conscious Day! (By choosing Him and His Word “to be the apple of thine eye”!!

Bro Gene