Tuesday June 2, 2020

Read Proverbs 2
In this chapter we see:
1) A Scriptural Promise is Revealed –
– “appropriate seeking leads to abundant finding” (4-5)
– It is reinforced in
(Matthew 7:7-11).
– But it is typically ignored, which is confirmed by a evident lack of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding within the household of faith!
– Which leads to wandering, wavering, withering, and want!
– Too often we lack the spiritual insight we need to live in and overcome this evil world because we fail to earnestly seek for it.
– No seeking, No finding?
2) A Secure Path Is Rendered –
– 6 times in this chapter, the word path or paths are referred to.
– Some are destructive while others are constructive. (Mark them)
– God help us to desire, to seek, and to find “every good path” (Vs 9) and determine to walk therein!
– Have A God Conscious Day!
– Bro Gene