Tuesday June 30, 2020

Read Proverbs 30

Ponder (Verses 5 and 6) Here we see:
1) The Purity of the Word of God –
“Every word of God is pure”

That is a reminder that our KJ bible is completely free from error and contamination.

That means by faith we believe that our bible is inspired, immaculate, and infallible.

So each and every word, in its entirety is pure from mans contamination and is worthy of our confidence and consent!

Unfortunately there are those in our day who scoff at such a position of belief, but we who believe and respect the Bible stand with what God Himself says about it rather than the critics and skeptics.

We have personally experienced its power to purify our lives! Amen!

Do you have a word perfect Bible? Do you trust each word?

Do you value the words of scripture as being pure and right, to the point that you hate every contrary opinion? Selah
(Psalm 119:128)

Can we say with David “Thy word is very pure: therefore thy servant loveth it.”
(Psalm 119:140)

If so, we will benefit from:
2) The Protection of the Word of God – “He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him”

The purity of Gods words will shield us from the doubts, the deceptions, and the defilements of impurity!

Its so beneficial to treasure and trust Gods Word and not to lean upon our own understanding!

Have A God Conscious Day!

Bro Gene