Tuesday March 10, 2020

Read Proverbs 10

Focus Vs. 7

It is inevitable that one day all of us will be but a memory here in this temporal world. The pertinent question that should concern all of us is how do we want to be remembered after our inevitable event occurs?

The Discovery of The Righteous –
“the memory of the just shall be blessed”

Blessed: means to be Honored, Respected, Favored.

That means ones remembrance will be revered and rewarded well beyond this earthly life.

But know this: though others may  eventually forget, never will God forget a life that was lived for Him!

The Demise of The Rebel –
“but the name of the wicked shall rot”

Ones Name: How a person is identified.

For the wicked, their identity (or who and what they were known for) shall rot, or perish, or fade into a Providential induced oblivion.

That said, let us live today in a way that will leave a visible set of spiritual footprints that will extend well  beyond this life and exalt the Lord who enables one to live right!

Have a God Conscious Day!

Bro Gene