Tuesday March 17, 2020

Read Proverbs 17

Ponder Verse 22
1) A Preferred Experience – “A Merry Heart” – It’s Evidence: cheerful, joyful, mirthful – It’s Excellence: a spirit that is blessed and made happy by the Lord excels a spirit that is broken and made hard by life.

2) It’s Powerful Effects – – “it doeth good like a medicine” – Just as a medicine is prescribed for a ailment of the body, merriment is the prescription for an affliction of the heart.

In truth there is a healing effect within our spirit which we benefit from when we are joyful and cheerful.

It’s undeniable that there is much in this life that can break one’s spirit or the will to move forward in the time adversity.

A Merry Heart is the antidote for the internal injuries that we periodically experience.

Merriment of heart comes from knowing the Lord – Thinking upon the Lord – Loving the Lord – Obeying the Lord – Serving the Lord – and Rejoicing in the Lord !!!

Now lets take our medicine, it will do us good!!

Have a God Conscious Day!!

Bro Gene