Tuesday March 3, 2020

Read Proverbs 3

(Verses 3-4) Thoughts about obtaining favor

God says:
‘so shalt thou find favour …. in the sight of God and man’.

  • Favor is the state of being approved or accepted.
  • It’s a gift bestowed upon someone usually for their strength of character.
  1. We see the REACH of Favor.
  • It’s range of effect extends to both God and man.
  • It touches Gods and mans sight!
  1. The RECEIVING of Favor.
  • This type of favor is found or obtained through scriptural guidelines and spiritual graces.
    A. Thru the Bible’s stated qualifications – (Vs 1) Observing and Obeying Gods Law –
    B. Thru the balance of ones Spiritual Qualities- (Vs 3) Which are: Showing Mercy and Standing for Truth.
  • Having Favour with God and people is something we all should desire and strive to obtain!
  • Have a God Conscious Day!
  • Bro Gene