Tuesday March 31, 2020

Read: Proverbs 31
My Focus verse 30

1) That Which Is Mindlessly Vain –
a) “Favor is deceitful “ Or ones charm or charisma can be deceptive or manipulative. So the appeal of ones personality can be misleading.
b) “beauty is vain” So the allurement of ones physical appearance is minimized.

2) That Which Is More Valuable –
“but a woman that feareth the Lord, she shall be praised”

While beauty is like a fleeting vapor, spiritual character outlasts everything which is associated with vainglory.

That tells us that ones spiritual qualities are vastly more important than ones physical qualities!

While most people tend to pursue and promote the inferior aspects of life, let’s praise what God tells us is superior!

Have a God Conscious Day!

Bro Gene