Tuesday May 5, 2020

Read Proverbs 5
My Focus: Verse 1

This has my attention this morning, “the bowing …. of ones ear”

To bow means a movement of the body expressing a deep respect to one who is a superior.

Obviously our first thought in regard to bowing before the Lord would be that of ones knee, or of ones head, both of which are appropriate in light of His Sovereignty and Superiority!

But take note:
1) Of The Respectful Submission of The Ear – “bow thine ear to my understanding”

In other words God wants our ears to be so consecrated to Him that we will have no difficulty in hearing from Him what He wants us to understand.

The Lord Jesus said on several occasions in regard to attentive listening “he That That hath an ear let Him hear.”

The problem is not that we don’t have ears, but rather that we sometimes have an absence of perception to hear God speaking to us!

We live in a noisy world which seeks to drown out “the small still voice” of our God. And oftentimes it does!

The remedy is for us to consciously and continually “bow thine ear” to Him, in order to hear from Him!

2) Of The Revelation Secured By Such An Ear – “that thou mayest regard discretion”

One of the ways to have a God Conscious Day, is to intently and intentionally listen for His voice throughout the day! It’s true, “He still speaks!!”

Send a one sentence text and tell me what you’ve heard Him say to you from scripture today?

Bro Gene